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Bedside Clinical Systems (BCS) is a spin-out partnership between The Hospital for Sick Childrenand MaRS Innovation with the focus on translating and deploying paediatriac best practices developed out of decades of research at SickKids and the University of Toronto

Bedside Clinical Systems (BCS) facilitates the deployment of innovations in paediatric healthcare from SickKids to a global market, while supporting clinicians in providing safer and effective care for children. Healthcare professionals worldwide look to BCS for the solutions that will help support their workflow needs and help critically ill children. BCS's team is dedicated to improving the safety of children by making clinical care easier and better through innovation.

MaRS Innovation (MI) is Toronto's lead commercialization centre dedicated to creating business opportunities from the exceptional research & discovery pipeline of the 14 prominent academic institutions in Toronto, including SickKids. MI leverages its assets and the resources of its members to deploy technologies into pre-existing companies or create investor-ready enterprises.

The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is recognized as one of the world's foremost paediatric health-care institutions and is Canada's leading centre dedicated to advancing children's health through the integration of patient care, research and education. Founded in 1875 and affiliated with the University of Toronto, SickKids is one of Canada's most research-intensive hospitals and has generated discoveries that have helped children globally.


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